Lukasz Walasek

Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Warwick
Coventry, UK



15 October 2020: Good dealness explanation of the endowment effect - new paper by Elena Achtypi has now been accepted for publication in Decision! Accepted versions here: Link

1 October 2020: New paper showing that the accept-reject method is not suitable for esstimating loss aversion has been accepted in Decision. Link coming up soon.

22 August 2020: Our paper on the psychological mechanisms of loss aversion is out now in the Cognitive Psychology Link

22 July 2020: New work about custom betting products is now available in Addiction Research & Theory Link

12 May 2020: Our paper on prescriptions of anti-depressants following the BREXIT referndum has now been accepted in the Social Science & Medicine Link

8 March 2020: Two new papers alert: 1. Paper on gambling warning labels is out in Addiction Link and 2. Our work on BPD traits and social media use is now available in the Scientific Reports Link

2 December 2019: Together with Gordon Brown, we wrote a book chapter for the Social Psychology of Inequality book. The entire collection is available free to download here: Link

2 December 2019: Another great work from Duncan McCaig has just appeared in the International Journal of Eating Disorders Link .

31 October 2019: Our paper on self-other decision-making has now been accepted in the Journal of Behavioural Decision Making. The pre-print is available here: Link .

28 October 2019: New paper on subjective well-being and affective forecasting error with Gordon Brown and Gordon Ovens in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology. Open access version here: Link .

28 August 2019: What factors influence eating behaviours in the workplace? You can find out from our latest systematic review (with Sophie Clohessy and Caroline Meyer) Link

24 August 2019: Our paper with Gordon Brown and Gordon Ovens on affective forecasting errors has been now accepted in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology. Link will follow soon.

28 July 2019: A new pre-print of our work on gambling warning labels is now available. Work witt Phil Newall, Elliot Ludvig and Henrik Singmann Link

12 June 2019: Our new paper on Live-Odds advertising has just come out in PLOS One. Link

22 February 2019: New paper just accepted in PLOS One with Sudeep Bhatia and Barbara Mellers: “Affective responses to uncertain real-world outcomes: Sentiment change on Twitter”. Link

03 February 2019: Congratulations to Duncan McCaig - new accepted paper in JMIR Mental Health. “Profiling commenters on eating disorder-related online discussion forums based on the other forums to which they contribute”.

03 February 2019: Our paper on social exclusion was now accepted in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Link .

03 February 2019: New paper with Sudeep Bhatia on vector space models in Memory & Cognition. Link .